Shadi Rimawi  CSCS, CPT
 Master Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Personal Training
  in your home or studio!
A fitness program designed exclusively for you.
You'll look forward to sessions that are fun, invigorating, and produce RESULTS!

Serving the Millburn/Short Hills/Summit NJ areas, as well as neighboring towns*!

      Each one of us has our own unique fitness challenges.  I believe everyone can make progress on their health and fitness by setting achievable goals,  working out on a uniquely inspired fitness program, maintaining a  positive attitude and a little encouragement from their personal  trainer. As a personal trainer,  I work very hard to make sure you will enjoy your training sessions and continue on your fitness journey. 


      My mission is to help people achieve their  fitness goals and feel good about themselves.  Strength training is not just about bench presses and curls.  It is about being creative with the exercises and always finding ways to constantly challenge yourself.  With time, you'll feel stronger, toner and leaner than ever.  We live our lives only once.  Why should we wake up everyday with back or joint pain and low energy?  I believe anyone, young or old, can live life to their fullest, through consistent exercise and balanced eating habits.  If you strive towards your fitness goal, through hard work and a realistic exercise and nutrition regimen, you will thrive quickly and achieve results.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Personal Training Programs

      In order for me to design an effective exercise program, for each new client, the process begins with a health screening - do you have any limitations that have to be considered when designing your personal training program?  A health fitness evaluation is next.  How fit are you today?  Have you been exercising regularly?  What goals do you need to achieve and when do you need to accomplish it?  Creating realistic, measurable goals is next.  We have to have a target to shoot for.  I then have the information I need to design a personal fitness program to help you achieve your goals.

Each personal training program includes the basic components of fitness:  muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition.  The program also includes the basic components of proper nutrition, which will speed recovery from a tough workout, burn more fat, and help you get to your goal even faster!


With over 12 years experience and hundreds of clients trained, I am proud to say that many of my clients have achieved amazing personal goals including:
  • weight loss ranging from 10-65 lbs,
  • body fat loss ranging from 6-24%,
  • bodies that have shown a much more toned look,
  • personal best running times in 5k's, 10k's, 1/2 and full marathons,
  • clients with medical issues (high blood pressure, high cholesterol) have shown great improvement
  • clients with back and joint pain have achieved increased strength and no pain in the affected area.
    "...very happy to say that I lost 15 pounds in only six weeks, working with Shadi."

Fatima K.
Short Hills, NJ


I strive to be as accommodating as possible to meet your scheduling needs!  I'm available at these days/times and only by appointments.

Monday- Friday:   6am - 9pm
Saturday:              7am - 3pm

Types of Personal Training/Nutrition Services

      I provide a wide array of one hour services, which include:
  • 1 to 1 private personal training
  • Duet personal training (2 people)
  • Trio personal training (3 people)
  • Small group personal training (4-8 people)
  • 1 to 1 nutrition counseling

* Prices can vary regarding training outside of the Millburn/Short Hills/Summit area.  Price depends on commute time/distance, tolls, etc.

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